The past,the present and the future.

Now our new website is positively sparkling and displaying pilgrimages to all parts of the world, I should like to pay tribute to the person who enabled this progress to be made and without whose inspiration,hard work and forethought,none of this would have been possible. Andrew spent seventeen years as my 'right hand' at Pax Travel, always thinking of new strategies,and planning ahead.It was Andrew's idea to have the original website established in early 2007 and he built on this over the years.

When I set up at the company in 1978, the phone,the Royal Mail, telex and fax were the only means of communicating with our customers. How things have changed over the years, so that now, our friends in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore and so many far flung outposts google PaxTravel and are rewarded with accurate ,beautifully presented information, and are able to book online, or, of course to phone us.

Before he left (with my blessing, but great sadness), Andrew set Robert and Regelle on the path to designing and establishing the new website, and database, from which we are now benefitting. Thanks, Andrew, and the very best of British from Judith, myself and all of us at Pax in your new venture. You know where we are, and there is always a place here for you.

And, for the future, I am planning some exciting new destinations and themes, including a pilgrimage In The Steps of St Nicholas, a tour based on the last Journey of Jan Huss from Prague to Konstanz, a Holy Land pilgrimage based on the Gospel of St Mark. And many many more. Do keep looking at our website, or drop me an email at If you have an idea or themed tour of your own, do let me know.

Philip Dean

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