Pride comes before a fall

They say that pride comes before a fall. I was returning from a wonderful visit to Ravenna with a small group of our clients, when on the final leg of my homeward journey with Judith, I took a crashing fall at Kings Cross Station and fractured my left shoulder. Two months on, and thanks to loving care from Judith, and the somewhat chaotic care from the Lister Hospital, I am now being helped by a physiotherapist, who, to quote the psalmist, 'leads me along the right path' ! Thank goodness it wasn't my right shoulder! It has been such a busy autumn, with Pax groups going to Greece, Turkey, the Holy Land, all over Italy, and to Avila and Santiago de Compostela, not forgetting Lisieux and Lourdes!

Only a few people seem to have not enjoyed their pilgrimage experience, and they stand out like a sore thumb. When I hear the heart rending accounts on the Today programme of people dying from Ebola in my beloved West Africa, where I lived in Ghana and Nigeria, and visited Sierra Leone and Liberia, it makes me sad when someone complains that they would have liked bigger meals, or that I had ripped them off by charging them a single room supplement. Actually, our policy and practice is NEVER to charge for a single supplement unless the hotel or guest house charges more for a single person occupying one room than for a person sharing a twin or double room. Otherwise I would be very rich, and living in a million pound mansion rather than my small terraced house in Baldock that I have lived in for the last 23 years, and happily so. I can walk up to church where I am the organist, and also walk to the station in the morning.

Our 2015 brochure has just arrived from the printers, and it is sensational. Please ask us for a copy or visit our downloads page. Anniversaries of St Teresa of Avila, Jan Hus, and visits to venerate the Holy Shroud of Turin, witness the Passion Play in Sordevolo (much better than the Bavarian offering at Oberammergau!), walking in the Steps of Christ in the Holy Land, and travelling to Mexico for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in December. These are just a few of the unique pilgrimages we are offering to our public.

Wishing you all a wonderful November (is that a contradiction in terms?) and I will be in touch again very soon.

Philip Dean


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